The explosive growth in the cryptocurrency sector has led to an equally rapid rise in scams, bad ideas and FUD.

While we personally are bitcoin maximalists that rely on our investing instinct, we are not opposed to new ideas and understand that innovation in currency and distributed ledger technology is a fluid process. Perhaps bitcoin is the foundation of all that is money from here to eternity but, we are excited to track and support those who set out to disrupt the status quo. Many of these experiments will fail and unless we continually question the norm and pilot new platforms, we will never know. These attempts to build something better will also make bitcoin more robust while giving crypto-builders a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of bitcoin.


We believe knowledge is power. For those new to cryptocurrency investing - otherwise known as noobs or noobies - the best advice is always, Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before you start buying cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Prior to signing on to an exchange or into a Telegram chatroom, you should educate yourself on the basic fundamentals of the industry. This will help protect you from getting REKT on bad ideas and falling for outright scams.

Here are some suggested trusted resources from people we have known for a long time (in crypto years):

Jameson Lopp

Andreas Antonopoulos

And, last but not least, your journey should begin by reading the original white paper that started it all.

Satoshi Nakamoto's White Paper

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