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Heisenberg Capital was founded in 2013 by Max Keiser. Making investment decisions informed by his own experience with inventing market making technologies and deep knowledge of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency space, the company's earliest investments were in cryptocurrency exchanges and payment processors.

As the cryptocurrency market has evolved to include many platforms, Blockchain and tokens, so too has Heisenberg's focus. Our mantra is to support the best tech teams which includes the 'OG' bitcoin engineers and entrepreneurs who have matured with the industry. This approach has opened our investment aperture to include a few non-bitcoin related companies but, for the most part, we are supporting business ventures related to bitcoin͛s second and third layers, now possible post-Segwit adoption.

Our Team
Max Keiser, Founder & CIO


Stacy Herbert,  CEO


Max Keiser is the co-host and producer of Keiser Report, the first international financial news program that covered bitcoin in early 2011 when the cryptocurrency was still trading under $3/btc. Keiser founded the Hollywood Stock Exchange in 1996 and was awarded a US patent for his virtual specialist technology which traded virtual securities and currencies. The patent is referenced in many subsequent inventions relating to derivatives trading. Keiser’s ‘Hollywood Dollar’ was one of the first proof of concepts that a digital currency could be established without permission and then used to create an economy and network around a currency not backed by a state. Keiser co-founded Heisenberg Capital in 2013 and became an early investor in bitcoin and many related startups, including Kraken, Bitpay, Shapeshift, Unocoin, Bitpesa, Bitso, Bitfinex, Factom, Storj and Uphold. In July 2017, he raised $500,000 in 24 hours from the Dash treasury for a television sponsorship deal, which was the largest blockchain, crowdfunded program in history. His work on Wall Street in the 1980s included banking and options trading roles at Paine Webber, Oppenheimer & Co, Shearson Lehman Hutton and Alex. Brown & Sons. Keiser is a featured keynote speaker at international cryptocurrency conferences, including the first ever bitcoin conference held in 2011 in Prague.

Stacy Herbert is the co-host of Keiser Report and the Co-Founder & CEO of Heisenberg Capital. She has been personally invested in bitcoin since 2011 and as CEO of Heisenberg Capital, continues to look for opportunities in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market with a focus on second and third layer applications as well as security related startups. Stacy started her career in film and television, working in development for Michael Phillips, the Oscar-winning producer of The Sting, Taxi Driver and Close Encounters and international film distribution with Capitol Films as well as television production with BBC3, BBC World, Aljazeera English and RT. Herbert is one of the most prominent women in cryptocurrency and is currently co-organizing a bitcoin conference which promises to be one of the best annual events in the cryptocurrency industry.

Daniel Collins, Head of Research


Dan Collins is Head of Research at Heisenberg Capital.
He is also co-founder of a cyber security firm, Hippogriff Data Security, specialising in threat penetration testing and custom encryption packages. Collins spent 20 years in China managing businesses for Fortune 500 companies. The last business he managed had $300m in sales and 2,000 employees. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and monitors the cryptocurrency space in China.

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